Sparkie Fire Starter
Sparkie Fire Starter

Sparkie Fire Starter


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  • Compact Design
  • Single-handed operation
  • Weighs less than 1 oz

The Sparkie Fire Starter is perfect for those campers and hikers that care about weight and bulk. At less than 1 ounce this is the perfect fire starter to take with you on your next campout. It contains a spring loaded spark bar and internal striker so it can be used even in the most adverse weather conditions.

You can operate it using only one hand which not only makes it easy to use, it allows you to start a fire even if you are injured. The rubberized, textured grip allows for maximum comfort and control. Its bright orange color makes it easy to see in the dark. 

Use the Sparkie Fire Starter to generate sparks that are 3x hotter than your typical match. It's designed for precision and its sparks can be directionally targeted.

Need to build a fire in a hurry? Not to worry! Although its design may be compact, its built-in carbon striker will light over 100 fires.