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CampVenture Contestant #1

Details, Details. How Do I Start?

Why are we doing this? We don't want to spend a penny on traditional marketing. Instead, we want to spend our marketing dollars on people who want to get outside and experience nature. We want to be part of your CampVenture!

How is CampVenturing different than just camping? 

Camping is what our parents did. CampVenturing is turning a simple, inexpensive camping trip into the adventure of a lifetime! It's only 24 hours, so it can be done on any weekend. It has to be done with 3-4 friends. A It's all about getting the most out of nature every day. Hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, climbing, rappelling, snow showing, skiing, trail running, fly fishing, ice fishing, hammocking and anything else you can dream of in nature! 

Here's how it works:

1. Build your team of 3-4 people. (No more or less)

2. Fill out the form on this page with your contact information and a summary of why you think your team will win. (Please tell us how many combined social media followers you have. This will play a big role in your approval.) 

3. We will select two teams to compete on the same days. Each team may be in different states, but the CampVenturing(TM) dates will be at the same time. 

4. We will provide each team member with a Campfire Meals breakfast, lunch and dinner for FREE. 

5. Each team member must bring a cell phone, sleeping bag, water, weather appropriate clothing and anything else needed for their CampVenture. The team must also have a Go-Pro camera or utilize smart phone cameras. 

Now Go CampVenture Somewhere Beautiful!!

6. Record everything you do!

7. Teams are required to record a video log of their arrival date and time and their departure date and time. Teams are also required to record a minimum of 4 different instances of their use, preparation and feedback of Campfire Meals. (How did it taste? Was it easy to eat? Was it filling? Etc.)

8. Within 7 days of concluding your 24-hour CampVenture, your team will submit a fully edited, final video that is no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 3 minutes. It must include the video log of your arrival and departure dates/times, 4 different mentions of your use of Campfire Meals and as much footage of your destination and your crazy, fun experiences that you can squeeze in! (Please note that any videos using unlicensed music and unoriginal content will be disqualified. Final videos must be "PG", appropriate for all ages.) 


9. We will then publish your video to our website and immediately email it to 100,000 Campfire Meals customers to promote views and to help increase your followers.

10. We will issue your team a custom promo code. You can share the link and the promo code with your entire social network as aggressively as you choose. The more views and likes that your video receives, the higher your chances are that your promo code will be redeemed.

11. The team with the most promo code redemptions after 2 weeks (14 days) of video publication will win $1,000.00 (USD). It's that simple!! There is no minimum use requirement...only that you generate more promo code redemptions than the other team competing at the same time. Your chances of winning the $1,000.00 prize are 50/50.  

12. There's no limit to how many times you can apply and be selected to participate. You and your team may want to CampVenture with us several times a year for your chance to win again, and again!


Here's the best part. There's a GRAND PRIZE! The team that generates the most promo code redemptions in 90 days will win round trip airfare to Lima, Peru or Reykjavik, Iceland!!!! You will compete with 20 other entries and will be measured based on your promo redemptions during your FIRST 90 days. That way, whether you are the 1st or 20th team, each team will have a full 90 days to push their promo code and increase redemptions. How's that for a bonus?? In addition, if your team has participated multiple times, it will increase your chances of winning the grand prize. (NOTE: All entries by the same teams will be judged INDIVIDUALLY and not combined.)


Fill out the form below and let us know why your team should be chosen!

Anyone from all 50 states can apply!! 

Tell Us Why You Will Win